What It Takes To Be A DECA Member


By Madeline Severson:

As a freshman in highschool, the advice I was given by numerous advisers was, “Join clubs and extracurriculars!”. However, I didn’t want to waste my time signing up for clubs and competitions that had no relationship with my future goals and interests. Once being introduced to DECA, I knew it’s versatile pathways would be the optimal program for me.

For any student interested in a business career, DECA is the perfect preparation for your future! Whether in finances, hospitality, marketing, or administration, there is a DECA event tailored to your interests and needs. To be a DECA member, all you need are a few qualities of a student with incentive in the business world:

Confidence! Whether wishing to obtain confidence or already leading with a head held high, DECA teaches you to be presentable, and capable; whether in the presentation room or in a social group. Joining DECA gives you the footholds to having esteem and confidence that will benefit you throughout your whole life - both inside and outside of the office!

Industriousness! As long as you are wanting and willing to put in the work to make a extraordinary presentation, DECA will give you the recognition and reward that you deserve. Rewards of medallions, trophies, plaques, or advantageous life skills will be distributed to those who work hard and distinguish themselves to present the accomplished skills of the business world.

Interest in business! DECA is limitless with options - ranging from writing papers about finances to making presentations about administration. Whether you are interested in tourism, medicine, the stock market, or banking, DECA offers numerous competitions for each student to chose from and find what path they succeed in!

Last but not least, you need to register at your local DECA chapter to become a member. Becoming an active member in your DECA chapter is the first step to becoming a successful business student, leading you to have a successful business career.