DECA-Rate Your Resume


BY: Kaitlyn Smith

Students in my high school are always coming up to and asking me why join DECA, or what are the benefits. As well as a great opportunity for networking and developing leadership skills, DECA is an amazing resume booster and makes your application stand out from the rest. Whether you are applying for a job, college, or scholarship, the mention of DECA speaks to the reviewer. Listed and explained below are four characteristics of a DECA member that employers notice.

Goal Oriented: Showing that you are involved in DECA shows that you are goal oriented and that you think one step ahead. In DECA, you are able to experience different aspects of business and determine which areas you are skilled in, which you enjoy, and don’t enjoy. Taking the opportunity to do so and ask yourself these questions suggests that you are driven and are seeking for something to bring you long term success.

Commitment- On your resume when you show you have dedicated a significant amount of time to a single activity, it shows that you strive for growth and quality. The amount of time you spend on an activity often reflects the quality. Quality and commitment are very important to employers, and being in DECA and competing shows that you have taken time to understand the concepts and to research and practice for your presentation. Your commitment shows them you are passionate and strive for excellence and success.

Emphasizes Real World Experience- Real world connections and professional experience is one of DECA’s greatest benefits. By competing in DECA’s competitive events program, you are familiarizing yourself with concepts related to the field you compete in or study. It allows you to apply what you have learned to other work related situations. Real world experience is the foundation for success and offers so much more than you can get reading from a book or studying in class. DECA not only offers the first hand experience you would miss out on in a normal classroom setting.

Getting a head start- Having real world experience not only gives you a strong foundation to start from, but it also give a head start in preparing for your future career. DECA provides limitless opportunities to explore different aspects of business. This allows you to feel around for which aspect or area best suits you.