How to Get a Higher Test Score


By: nimisha Jain

Tip 1: Quizlets

If you search a specific DECA topic on quizlet, you will most likely find at least one quizlet covering vocabulary, processes, studies, and much more. For example, if I were to look up my specific DECA event, I would most likely get a list of performance indicators that pop up along with their definitions and explanations.

Tip 2: Exams and Keys

Take as many practice exams as you can and study their keys! After taking a practice exam, if you go through the key, it tells you which answer was right, and what the answers mean. So instead of just learning one term, you learn the overall concept.

Tip 3: Internet and Study Materials

If there’s a specific DECA topic you don’t understand, look it up. The internet is such a valuable resource, as you can find tons of information in a matter of minutes! Sometimes if you look up specific performance indicators, you find DECA study guides that someone else created and that you can use.

Tip 4: Glencoe

DECA has partnered with Glencoe, which is a company that creates marketing and business textbooks. If you click on this link:

You will get specifics that you need to know about event and mini practice tests. You can also read some of the chapter outlines they have provided with vocabulary. Just explore the website, they have so many different available resources as well as information on a variety of topics.

Tip 5: Tutorials

Attend study sessions with your chapter if they offer them! If you chapter doesn’t offer study sessions, discuss how it may be beneficial to start competition prep meetings with your chapter officers and advisors.

Tip 6: Study Vibes

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to study or has a hard time focusing, listen to music while you’re studying, or study with some friends! I personally like to use colored pens and highlights while studying and that really helps me to stay focused!

Tip 7: DECA Flash Cards and Prep Materials

DECA Images sells competition materials you can purchase online. This includes things such as flashcards, tests, and much more. This is a great way to study, as you know these resources are reliable since they come from DECA themselves.