Skills You Can Gain When You Join DECA


By Oliver Shi:

DECA is a great platform for you to gain as well as practice numerous skills applicable to the real world. Some of these skills are:

• Leadership
• Presentational Skills
• Networkability


From attending chapter events to representing your state at the International Career and Development Conference, DECA provides numerous opportunities for you enhance your leadership. At all events you will see great exemplifications of leaders from business owners to international officers. These leaders lead through example, motivate and guide others, and have a directive. By attending such events, you can learn leadership from these prominent leaders. Moreover, as a chapter member, you will be representing your school at all events. Doing so puts you in a position where others will look up to you, inherently allowing you to gain leadership skills.

Presentational Skills

As you may know, competition is a huge part of DECA. In all competitive events, a having strong presentation is essential to your competitive score. This need for a powerful presentation gives you the means to develop presentational skills. Throughout the year, from the time you start your project to the time you deliver your final presentation, you greatly improve your presentation skills through practice and feedback. You will learn to create a visually-appealing presentation, speak clearly, and engage your audience. These abilities combine to form a great presentation that could take you to ICDC, where you will be giving presentations at an international level.


Through DECA, you can meet people from all over your district, the state, as well as the world. Each event and conference you attend is a great way to meet and cultivate relationships with new people. These relationships could last a lifetime and provide unprecedented opportunities for you in the future. With so many opportunities to meet and network with others, your networking skills will naturally develop until networking becomes second nature to you.

In conclusion, DECA gives you the opportunity to gain a myriad of highly beneficial skills. Combined, all of the skills listed above and many more will transform you into an amazing leader. The possibilities are #Limitless.