Leadership Development Resources


how to be the best chapter officer you can be

Being a chapter officer entails a significant amount of responsibility. Read this guide to learn how to become the BEST chapter officer!


creating a smart goal to achieve your goals

View this resource to learn more about goal planning, including what SMART goals are!

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networking at events

Networking at events is a crucial element to fully taking advantage of your DECA experience. Read this article to learn more!

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Scholarships: Another Amazing Benefit of DECA!

Hey Seniors! Don't forget to apply for the over $300,000 in scholarships that are offered by Texas DECA and DECA, Inc! Here's how you can apply for your share. 


What makes ICDC Unforgettable

If you spend every day after a conference wishing you were back in that moment, you’re not alone! For most (if not all) non-DECA members, ICDC sounds like a strange code word or an element on the periodic table. Though, anyone in DECA can assure them that it’s not. In fact, it’s the BEST conference ever. Read why:


DECA Conferences: Expectations and Tips

Three ways to be successful and prepared for a DECA  Educational Development Conference. With these tips you will surely have the best trip!


letter to younger self: A DECA Story

A letter to my younger self when joining DECA. Read how DECA has changed my life!


How to maintain balance in your deca life

Finding a balance within all your daily activities can be very difficult. The good thing is that we have all gone through this, and there are ways to keep you organized!

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How to dress your deca best

You have your competition prepared and ready to go, but now you're planning out the outfit to impress the judges. Oliver has you covered with some tips on how to dress for success.


fears of public speaking

Many DECA members experience the extreme fear of public speaking. This article provided explains a few different ways to calm nervousness! Be #ReadyForIt by improving your speaking skills!


Madeline severson: My deca story

Joining as a freshman, I never knew how DECA could impact my life. As a senior, looking back, I am beyond grateful and appreciative of everything DECA has done for me and my future. From the friendships to the career goals, DECA has made me who I am today and made my high school experience unforgettable!


deca-Rate Your resume

When someone sees DECA on your resume, they have already make a perception of you. Explained here, are four characteristics of a DECA member and why DECA puts your resume in the spotlight.


How deca can impact your life

DECA is larger than life! I’m not saying that only because DECA is my life, but because they offer so many events to compete in, so many scholarship opportunities to apply to, and so many experiences that become lifelong memories.


Why should I join DECA?

We have all either asked or have been asked this simple question. Read the reasons why Oliver Shi, District 7 President, thinks you should join DECA!


3 Common wrong handshakes

We've all had that moment where the handshake just didn't go as expected. Here are 3 incorrect handshakes, and what they mean.


how to dine Like a true professional

Which fork do I use? Which glass is mine? What do I say? Ooh - Dessert! 


five skills to being a leader

Here are 5 skills necessary to being a great leader - in DECA and after graduation.