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Benefits of Increasing chapter membership

Everyone always wants to increase membership in their chapter but how exactly is that beneficial to a DECA chapter? Is the main benefit tangible and physical or is it the ability to reach a more diverse crowd of members? Here are the benefits of increasing membership in your DECA chapter.


How to increase Membership

Searching for ways to grow your chapter? Look no further! Here are 8 prime tips on how to encourage everyone to join DECA and take advantage of the limitless opportunities available.


how to recruit professional and alumni members

Recruiting professional and alumni members can be difficult. Read this article to learn some helpful tips for recruiting these types of members!


How to Manage a DECA Social Media Account

Madelyne Onstott shares three tips for managing your DECA social media accounts - you won't want to miss this! 


how to host a mock conference

Hosting a mock conference can be difficult. Read this article to gain more insight into hosting mock conferences!


How to make a great bulletin board

Create buzz around your school about DECA by making use of an empty bulletin board. This article is here to tell you how to make an eye-catching bulletin board.


Chapter Campaigns Explained

Preparing for your next meeting might be difficult, marketing it shouldn't. Here are some tips to help you succeed in marketing your next meeting.


5 easy ways to fundraise for your chapter

Need easy but effective ways to earn money for your chapter? You stop your search here and read about 5 easy ways to earn money!


Marketing your next chapter meeting

Preparing for your next meeting might be difficult, marketing it shouldn't. Here are some tips to help you succeed in marketing your next meeting.


fall community service activities

"Fall" into the new DECA season with these community service ideas to help engage your chapter!


five chapter bonding ideas

Five Bonding ideas that will help your chapter grow as a family. If you follow these tips, your chapter will surely dominate and inspire this year!


Fun fall fundraising

Fundraising might be difficult and you don't know where to start, but this article will give you a jump start on your ideas.


Increasing Your Professional Membership

Professional membership is a great way to increase your chapter. Learn more about easy ways that you could increase professional membership.

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5 Chapter Social Activity ideas

Here are five social ideas to help increase membership and build friendships within your school's DECA chapter!


How to make an effective agenda

A great meeting starts with a great meeting agenda. Learn strategies and tips to ensure that you get the most out of your meetings this year


Tips and Tricks for officer meetings

Be ready for your chapter officer meetings by following these three simple steps. 


Student Financing for chapters

Hear how one Texas DECA chapter takes on the task of paying for trips and conference attendance. 


Social Media Is Good For More Than Just Rants

See how you chapter can use an everyday tool like social media to help reach your chapter's goals and share information with potential members.


Three ways to get your deca chapter in the holiday spirit

What better way to spend the holiday season than with your DECA chapter! Here is how you can build excitement and engagement his holiday season!


Five Fantastic Fundraising Ideas for your chapter

Looking for creative ideas to help boost your fundraising this year? Veterans Memorial has five fantastic ideas ready for you!