Turn Your DECA Experience Into Scholarships


By Anya Kacker:

Have you applied for DECA scholarships yet? DECA and its corporate partners, as well as other affiliated colleges and organizations, gift over $300,000 in scholarships annually. Read below to find out about the awesome opportunities available and see which you are eligible for!

1) Scholarship from DECA's corporate partners

DECA’s corporate partners provide a variety of different merit-based scholarships. With the wide range of options, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly!

● The Don DeBolt scholarship gives $2,000 awards to two students interested in studying franchising or entrepreneurship.

● Journeys gifts $1,000 each to seven students who are leaders in their communities.

● Marriott International is offering five $2,000 scholarships for DECA members interested in hospitality and tourism.

● Walgreens offers four $1,000 scholarships to members who can show evidence of DECA and community involvement as well as leadership skills.

The full list of corporate partner scholarships available can be found here.

2) Harry Applegate Scholarship Program

The Harry Applegate Scholarship Program is a scholarship fund that many of DECA’s corporate partners contribute to; however, the fund remains under one common name. You may be eligible for scholarships from this program depending on your DECA involvement, leadership and academic ability, and volunteering experience.

3) College Organization Partners

Many colleges and other organizations partner with DECA to offer scholarships to active members. These include Life University, FIDM, Johnson and Wales University, and NSHSS. Information about these scholarships can be obtained through the university or organization’s website or by contacting them.

As you can see, being a DECA member puts you in the running for amazing scholarship opportunities. Visit the official DECA scholarship information page and this FAQ page for more information. Time to start filling out those applications!