4 Ways DECA Will Make You A Better Student


By: Anya Kacker

DECA helps you grow in many ways, like making you a confident leader and an effective public speaker. However, have you ever considered how DECA can help you become a more successful student? Read this article to find out the four ways DECA will help you ace your academics!

1) You’ll develop better time management skills.

By juggling all your DECA responsibilities, including writing your paper, studying for your test, and attending chapter meetings, you will learn how to prioritize, and productively use your time! These skills will help you finish all of the homework you are assigned in a timely manner, leaving you with plenty of leftover time to enjoy even more fun DECA activities!

2) You’ll become more responsible.

To be a successful student, you must be responsible for doing your assignments, coming to class, and seeking help when needed. By preparing you to enter the business world, DECA teaches you how to be your own advocate and turn to others when you need assistance, but still be accountable and get all your work done.

3) You’ll discover study habits that work for you.

Everyone learns in a different way. When you study using your best method, you’ll learn information more quickly and thoroughly. While studying for your DECA test, role play, or presentation, you’ll discover techniques that work best for you. Use those skills to prepare for all your tests and you’re sure to ace them!

4) You’ll become more confident in your abilities.

The leadership and presentation skills that you develop within DECA will help you become more confident and self-assured. It’s crucial to be sure of yourself and your ability to perform well going into any exam or presentation. The calm, positive mindset that self-confidence will give you could make the difference between an A or a B!

As you can see, DECA will help you both in and out of the classroom. Try talking about these benefits at a chapter meeting or sharing them with potential new members!