Three Tips For Retaining Membership


By Jessica Gallardo:

“It’s in Great Shape for Another Successful Year” - Richard James

Recruiting old members is a whole new level. Old members tend to comeback based on their own experiences and impressions. Keep in mind not everyone is alike; we all have different interests. Below are some tips for welcoming back our old members and preventing ghost members!

1.) Inform! Discuss about what new social events,competitions, power trips and fundraisers your chapter will be carrying forward this year. Get them pumped for a #Be Limitless Year!

2.) Chat it up! Word of mouth goes around quick. Get your own chapter officers to interact with old members to make sure they’re coming back. Even if they were ghost members, encourage them to participate! It means more when an officer is trying to recruit you compared to an advisor. We ❤ our elders ( and advisors)!

3.) DECA Chapter bonding! Remember why you signed up for DECA again. It was fun, right? Of course we want to prep all year and dominate those role plays, presentations, tests and etc. But It is always good to have a little fun and take a break with your DECA Chapter (your people) once in awhile. Remember chapter bonding doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as everyone meeting at Schlotzsky's and hanging out.  I mean, we mean business.