DECA’s Brand

deca blue.png

by: Naqeeb Punjani, district III vp of Campaigns

DECA stands for so much more than its face value. Not only what it offers to the members which are part of the organization as students, but as well to the professional and alumni members. The organization spans large distance throughout society and can be influential with its social and volunteering events.

Currently, DECA was founded in 1946, meaning it has been a well-known student organization for almost three generations of High School Students. DECA has a well standing reputation in the community and has been an active part of creating future leaders and entrepreneurs to better society. DECA also spans out internationally reaching out to nearly 10 million students since it was created. Having one of its biggest bases currently in Canada, in the state of Ontario, DECA has become known as a student organization all over the world. This just means DECA can now reach out too many more people which brings together diverse and different people to its conferences. The organization easily stands out in any form of the business world. Having DECA on a college resume to job application shows that you are ready to solve problems and work to help the business improve with the skills you have learned. It is also a tool to help connect with others while you are in High school and in your after-job life. After you finish DECA in High School you can stay connected with DECA as a collegiate member which allows you to compete in the same format but at a more advanced, college level. Advancing from that point you can become a professional or alumni member. Not only does this allows you to just support DECA as an organization, but also gives you a chance to be a judge and parent volunteer at different DECA events. DECA has also strengthened its community image with an annual DECA community service project on the district, state, and national level. By helping the community, a wide network of organizations become involved and get assisted. Causing change in the society has raised awareness about DECA as a whole. The last way DECA established itself was by creating many partnerships with different businesses and organizations. They have well developed relations with nearly 30 companies and universities making them well known giving high school members an advantage overall. DECA provides everyone who is part of the student organization a wide variety of benefits.