Why Should I Join DECA?


By: Oliver Shi

"Why should I join DECA?" is a question that almost all DECA members are asked. The typical response is centered around obvious, yet still significant reasons:
- Field Trips
- Competition
- Meeting new people
- Traveling the world

However, DECA is more than that. DECA is the premier high school and collegiate business organization in the world; it prepares its members for the real world in the fields of marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.

DECA can be a life-changing organization. From the lifelong connections created to the competitive spirit it incubates to the practical skills it develops, DECA has a prominent effect on the lives of each of its members. 

Connections are one of the most powerful things to have. They develop into relationships, both socially and professionally, that mutually benefit all parties involved. Through its many conferences and events, DECA members are presented with the invaluable opportunity to meet members, with shared interests, from their school, city, region, state, and around the world. The relationships that ensue become cherished friendships, professional connections, and promising social circles that last a lifetime. 

One thing that can't be taught is a competitive mentality. Instead, it is something that naturally develops from within one's personality through incubation. Through DECA's competitive events, the seed of a competitive spirit is planted within its members. This seed, over time, grows into a competitive mindset that promotes one's success. DECA acts as the catalyst for one to achieve this mentality; it promotes healthy competition.

DECA enhances many practical skills applicable to the real world. Skills such as time-management, public-speaking, presentation skills, strategy development, and numerous others are strengthened through DECA. DECA's academies, preparation, competition, and conferences all have the purpose of honing these skills for its members, preparing them for the future. These skills are crucial for educational and professional success, increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and leadership for all.

These reasons, and many more, show the reasons why one should join DECA. Together, they create an amazing organization for people across the globe. The connections formed, the spirit developed, and the skills learned through DECA will ensure one's success. 

Be sure to join DECA to have the best high school experience of your life! Don’t Forget to check out the membership video below!