Why you Should Compete in a Roleplay Event


BY: Madeline severson

Roleplays are the perfect way to test your skills of improvisation and quick-thinking, or just confidence improvement! If you’re willing to take on the challenge of spontaneity, roleplays are the optimum type of competition for your DECA experience.

Test your knowledge!

Given performance indicators and a scenario, your true knowledge about your competitive event is being put to the test! This best indicates your strengths and weaknesses, helping you build your knowledge and experience of working in the business world. Not only does this improve your skills and application, but also allows you to showcase your abilities on the tested subject. Roleplays really give you a chance to put your best foot forward, if you’re willing to work for it!

Build your confidence!

Learning to present or speak in public can be intimidating and embarrassing, however roleplays are the icebreaker to gaining confidence in your presentations. Roleplays give you a safe environment to practice your presentation, in a one-on-one environment with the judge. This allows you to have a more intimate environment, giving you tense, yet secure, conditions to grow your confidence skills. A large factor in roleplays includes your confidence levels: handshake, eye contact, posture, and overall engagement. These confidence indicators can boost your presentation, and teach you valuable lessons for future interviews where confidence is key! Considering the factor of improvisation and spontaneity, with practice, roleplays help teach confidence even when you feel overwhelmed in an interview.

Give you an accurate image of real life situations!

Taking on a hypothetical role and purpose in these interviews allows you to not only assert confidence, but gain knowledge of how your skills are applicable in the business world. All roleplays have a situation that is likely to occur in your future of conducting business, whether it comes to customer satisfaction or managing resources. Roleplays give you an accurate representation of problems that employers face, and allow you to explore the options of solutions. Not only will this increase your score in a DECA competition, but furthermore prepare you for your future in the business world. Practicing creating new ideas and solutions with originality and leadership in a roleplay inclines you towards being more successful in the future when you approach a similar situation.