What Makes ICDC Unforgettable


By: Emily Nguyen

If you spend every day after a conference wishing you were back in that moment, you’re not alone! I’ve been fortunate enough to attend my district and state career and development conference, but my absolute favorite has been the one and only ICDC! For most (if not all) non-DECA members, ICDC sounds like a strange code word or an element on the periodic table. Though, anyone in DECA can assure them that it’s not. In fact, it’s the BEST conference ever. Here’s the proof:

1. You get to meet people from all 50 states AND from other countries! There are 19,000 other DECA-lovers like you to meet, and this is your chance. You get to come back home and brag about how you’re now friends with people from North Carolina and California.

2. Pin trading is a blast! It’s a fun way to collect tokens from other places while meeting those new people I talked about in #1. Once you start trading, you’ll never stop.

3. Attractions are everywhere! Last year in Anaheim, chapters spent their free time at Universal or Disneyland or Downtown Disney or anywhere else because the city had so much to do!

4. The #DECAHYPE is real at Grand Awards when you see your friends or other Texas teams place top 10 in the world! It’s a big deal, and it’s such a lively environment to be in.

5. Competing at the international level is not just an honor but it’s its own experience. You are beside only the select few from across the world who have the opportunity of a lifetime to snatch #DECAGlass, and those who really want it will show it.

In all, ICDC is like no other conference because of its scale and the environment. It’s the prime opportunity to network, to compete, and (of ) course to have fun!