Meet Emily


Emily Nguyen - VP of Leadership development

Emily Nguyen is a senior at Klein Oak High School  who loves DECA more than Kanye loves Kanye. On her campus of over 4,000 students, she takes on a full load of AP courses yet continues to dedicate herself to a myriad of student organizations! No matter how busy she may be with those, she constantly radiates positive energy with a bright smile on her face.

Not only is she a part of DECA, but DECA is an integral part of her. Her role as the State Vice President of Leadership Development is to demonstrate the importance of leadership in the business world as well as communicate between the state and district associations. However, she continues to be involved on the chapter level by competing in chapter projects and serving as chapter president. Personally, Emily found a true passion for business and philanthropy through her involvement in Community Service Project and has been inspired to apply these interests toward her future.

Emily dreams of attending Stanford University or MIT to major in economics/finance with hopes to one day become the Secretary of Education for the United States. She also hopes to one day win Big Brother and give a TedTalk over "Growth Mindset". In the meantime, she will continue recruiting Texas DECA members #forthepuppy!

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