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What Makes ICDC Unforgettable

If you spend every day after a conference wishing you were back in that moment, you’re not alone! For most (if not all) non-DECA members, ICDC sounds like a strange code word or an element on the periodic table. Though, anyone in DECA can assure them that it’s not. In fact, it’s the BEST conference ever. Read why:

How to increase student membership

Searching for ways to grow your chapter? Look no further! Here are 5 prime tips on how to encourage your student body to join DECA and take advantage of the #limitless opportunities available.

how deca can impact your life

DECA is larger than life! I’m not saying that only because DECA is my life, but because they offer so many events to compete in, so many scholarship opportunities to apply to, and so many experiences that become lifelong memories.

preparation tips for district testing

Here are five tips to help you prepare and succeed when it comes time to take your District exam.