How to Maintain a Balance in Your DECA Life


by: Ana Cravioto Herrero, district II president

Having a balance in your everyday life is a necessity in order to be successful. This can be very hard, especially for people who are involved in many different activities at school and in their community. It is something everyone has to deal with, and it is important to be aware of the fact that no one is a “superhero” and can do everything at once.

Something that may be useful is to think about quality over quantity. When someone spreads themselves too thin, the quality of work they put out may not be the best. Not only is this an issue, but sometimes this causes stress and a sense of disappointment even though to others, it may seem that the person is thriving. There is a fine line between working hard and working smart. The first and foremost thing someone should be concerned with is their happiness and prioritizing what they actually care about. 

Throughout my high school career, I have figured out that my happiness comes through DECA and band. At first, trying to find a balance was hard, but I have managed to find a system that works for me. DECA is an activity that allows you to receive from it as much as you put into it. Because of this, it is an activity that anyone and everyone can do. I have learned to be able to prioritize my time and know when I will be busy, and through this, I am able to know when I should focus on... either DECA, band, or even academics. 

I used to get very overwhelmed with the amount of work I used to have, especially with my academics, but something that really helped me was writing a list of things I needed to get done each day and crossing them off as the day went on. This allowed me to have a sense of accomplishment each day, as well as it made me more organized. This also helped me feel less overwhelmed because instead of thinking about all the things I had to get done as a whole, I only thought about what was in my control and what I could manage within that day.

This is something that helped me, but of course everyone is different. I encourage you to analyze yourself and find a system that works for you. Balance is a necessity and it is definitely not easy to reach, especially as a high schooler, but with time, it can be done. Don't stress, and remember: have fun in all that you do because time is limited!