How to Give an Elevator Pitch About DECA

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by: logan lashombe, district vii vp of campaigns

We all dread that awkward question “What's DICA?” After correcting them to DECA, what should you say afterward? Whether you are talking to a classmate or a CEO of a company, the importance of a good elevator pitch stands. Thus it is very important to be able to execute a tremendous elevator pitch about DECA. This article will teach you how to do it!

Share some history about DECA!
Considering DECA has been around since 1946, there is a lot of history about DECA. Find your favorite bit of information and share it! Some interesting facts include:
DECA has almost a quarter of a million members.
DECA is a worldwide organization.
DECA has almost 15,000 members in Texas alone.
Texas DECA has the most members! So Texas DECA is the best ; )
Sharing a fact about DECA or Texas DECA will intrigue whoever you are talking to. It will also show then that DECA is a very successful and important organization. As we all know, a strong hook is the best way to get someone excited about what you are talking about.

Share what DECA can do for you!
DECA has so many outlets that all of our members can express themselves through. Some of these can be professional, such as competing in written or roleplay events, applying for scholarships, networking, or running for an officer position! However, we all know DECA is also fun. Consider sharing the fun side of DECA... like that friend you met at ICDC or how your competition team bonded very well. Or tell them about your DECA pin collection from different states!

Share what you have done, and plan to do in DECA!
Is public speaking your thing? Tell them about how DECA got you to that position being comfortable speaking in front of others. Are you more of a one-on-one speaker? Tell them about how you competed in a role play for your first time this year. This is a great way to get them interested in what DECA can do before you deliver the final phase that is explained next.

Ask if they would like to help DECA!
To wrap up, ask if they would like to become a member! If they are a student and already have a DECA chapter, tell them to talk to their advisor and get signed up. If their school does not have a DECA chapter, tell them all about how to create a chapter. (Direct them to this). And if they are an adult, ask if they would like to become a professional member (For more information about professional members, click this).

Additional Tips!
If you know the mission statement by heart, consider using a little bit of it. But do make sure not to make it sound like you are repeating a phrase you have said over and over because that can sound a little bit robotic. Take time to practice before you are in the situation where you need to deliver your fantastic elevator pitch about DECA.