How DECA Can Help People Outside of Business


by: Kara Lehnert, district iX President

While DECA is predominantly a business organization, it helps prepare emerging leaders in all professions. Through DECA, students can learn important skills that they will need regardless of their future profession.

One way that DECA benefits all students is by providing countless opportunities for students to participate in community service, which is mandatory for most high schools and looks great on college applications. Every year, either at the district or state competition, DECA partners with a business or organization to donate time and resources towards an important cause. This provides a great opportunity for students to get involved and get those community service hours they need.

In addition to community service hours, DECA can also prepare students for their future careers by teaching them how to communicate professionally in person and through email. All students competing in any competition will learn how to speak professionally to their judges. They will learn how to correctly introduce themselves and greet their judges in a respectful way, which is an important skill they will utilize regardless of what their future profession is. In addition to this, students will also have the opportunity to interact with local businesses and organizations in their community. They will often have to reach out to these businesses to set up meetings, which in turn gives them experience communicating with professionals through email.

The majority of competitions require working with a partner, which results in the building of teamwork and collaboration skills. In the work field, there is bound to be times where teamwork is required, so DECA students will already be prepared to handle working with other people. They will know how to work with people they may not get along with, or even just people they may not know very well.
Lastly, DECA also teaches students how to dress professionally, which can be useful for job interviews and most careers. With Texas DECA’s regulations on proper attire, students learn what is appropriate for professional settings and what isn’t. Students learn the important tips they may not have considered, such as skirt length, amount of jewelry, makeup, shoes, facial hair, and even how to wear a tie correctly.

All in all, DECA prepares students to become leaders in any profession they are seeking. Competing in DECA is a great way to learn many important skills students will need in the future and network with other future professionals.