2019-2020 State Officer Candidates

The following individuals are official candidates for positions on the 2019-2020 Texas DECA State Officer Team.
Names are listed alphabetically by last name. All information was presented as-is by the candidates.


Shrey Addagatla, wakeland high school, District 7

Identifying Traits: Efficient, Personable, Direct

The most essential factors to attain success are experience and education. As a leader in Students Helping Honduras, a volunteer organization, Shrey has witnessed how the introduction of higher education has sustained economic growth. Currently, he is pursuing a Marketing Certificate at Collin College to enhance his understanding of business growth, so he can apply these skills to expanding TXDECA. If elected, his goal is to improve TXDECA's corporate ties and institute a program which coordinates internship opportunities for TXDECA members. Shrey has begun setting up meetings with executives at Oncor Electric and Mary Kay, both Texas-based. This would strengthen TXDECA’s ability to provide members with a hands-on education, exposure to the business world, and jumpstart members' careers. Don’t delay, vote for Shrey!


Christophe Bou-Saada, Clements High school, District 3

Identifying Traits: Humble, Accountable, Confident

Christophe Bou-Saada is currently a junior at Clements High School in District 3. Chris joined DECA as a sophomore, and after quickly realizing his potential, exerted his energy into successfully qualifying for ICDC. His love for DECA translated into his decision to become a Chapter officer. As an outgoing person with the “go-getter” mindset, Chris won’t stop at anything to achieve his end goal. When outside of school, Chris enjoys photography, interacting with friends, and working on cars. After High School, Chris plans on attending the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University for an eventual Master’s in Finance or Business Administration. 
After graduating from college, Chris plans on working in an investment firm, and eventually traveling the world, especially backpacking through Europe.


Marandy Burrow, Pittsburg High School, District 6

Identifying Traits: Driven, Reliable, Compassionate

Marandy Burrow is a junior at Pittsburg High School. Marandy has been an active member of DECA since her freshman year, served as a chapter officer for two years, and is the District 6 President. She was a state finalist last year and had the honor of serving Texas DECA as an ICDC voting delegate in 2018. 
When not working on DECA activities, Marandy is leading a Student Council Committee, volunteering in the community, or at band and majorette practice. She has thrived as a leader in these organizations and credits DECA for helping her excel. Marandy is grateful for the opportunities DECA has given her and would love to give back to Texas DECA by contributing her time, hard work, and leadership!


Sikyra castle, new tech high @ coppell, district 11

Identifying Traits: Tenacious, Thoughtful, and Trustworthy

Sikyra Castle is currently a junior at New Tech High School @ Coppell and the former District 11 President. During her 3-year DECA membership, she has attended ICDC as well as served in officer positions in her local chapter. Beyond the blazer, you can find Sikyra competing on the varsity track team, volunteering at local shelters, and offering empowering words to everyone she meets. Most importantly, she’s realized that through her DECA experiences, everyone has a light within them. DECA has allowed for Sikyra to not be afraid and has made her light even brighter. With this, she believes that every member has an opportunity to shine and she’s made it her purpose to help others. Learn about her campaign on Twitter @SikyraDECA.


Shelby Kennedy, Atlanta High School, District 6

Identifying Traits: Optimistic, Encouraging, Servant

Shelby Kennedy is a three year DECA member from Atlanta, Texas. Shelby has previously served as the 2018-2019 District 6 President and currently serves as a 2019-2020 District 6 Vice-President. Shelby plans to help continue the success of Texas DECA by using her plan A.C.E. (attain, congeniality, and exemplary). Shelby plans to help all members attain the goals they have set for themselves. Shelby is very congenial and will strive to spread positivity throughout all of Texas DECA. Shelby plans to serve Texas DECA with exemplary action and guide other members to display this trait. For questions regarding Shelby’s campaign please email shelbymkennedy@gmail.com or direct message her on Instagram @shelbytxdeca. By choosing Shelby as an ‘ace’, Texas DECA will be READY FOR IT!


Samuel meng, lebanon trail high school, district 7

Identifying Traits: Motivated, Inspiring, Dedicated

Samuel Meng is a motivated and dedicated individual that has the grit and determination to be successful in any situation. As the founder and a three-year DECA Chapter President for the Lebanon Trail High School DECA Chapter, he has the experience and connections to ensure that Texas DECA will continue to grow and empower students to succeed in the professional world. As a student-athlete, he also understands the need for teamwork and the importance of communication while working in group settings. He also owns his own business and recognizes the sacrifices and time commitment that one needs to be successful. As a Texas DECA State Officer, he hopes to inspire every student in High School to find their encouraging and supportive DECA Family

Photo to come soon.

Joscelin O’connor, friendswood high school, district 3

Identifying Traits: Optimistic, Passionate, Caring

Joscelin O'Connor has been an active DECA member since her freshmen year along with participating in Business Professionals of America, National Technical Honors Society, National French Honors Society, youth group, Cross Country and more. 
Outside of competitions, she is extremely involved in her chapter and has worked as VP of service and VP of Competition. Through participating in this organization, she has learned so many amazing qualities and found her passion for business.
In becoming a Texas DECA State Officer, Joscelin hopes to extend connections across the state and find members opportunities internationally. Through every event, Joscelin hopes to find and pursue as many opportunities as possible to reach out to Texas DECA chapters and members in order to be available to everyone.


Parth Parikh, vista ridge high school, district 5

Identifying Traits: Passionate, Cooperative, Optimistic

Parth Parikh is a Junior at Vista Ridge High School and has been a Vista Ridge DECA competitor since his Freshman year. During his time, Parth has competed at State twice and ICDC once. Within his chapter, he serves as an officer and mentors newly competitive teams. DECA has expanded his professional skills, given him a family, and the opportunity to impact the community positively. Outside of DECA, Parth enjoys DJing, spending time with his friends and family, and traveling. Now, Parth is running as a State Officer candidate so he can give back to Texas DECA and use his platform to be an advocate for your voice. Go far with Parth and vote Parth Parikh as your 2019-2020 Texas DECA State Officer! 


Gabriela Romero, Porter High School, District 4

Identifying Traits: Positive, Approachable, Determined

Gabriela “Gaby” Romero is a junior at Porter High School. More than that, gaby is an energetic go-getter that loves everything DECA. Since joining her freshman year, Gaby has become obsessed with everything from the chase of DECA glass to making sure Texas DECA remains the best. Using her leadership qualities gained from Student Council, Best Buddies, Swim, GSA, Interact Club, Gaby plans on helping Texas DECA continue their path of greatness. Her platform, “Grow with Gaby” is built around helping continue to growTexas DECA in all aspects. From membership to competitive growth, Gaby intends to use her knowledge of DECA, drive, and a well organized plan to keep Texas DECA as the best association in DECA. So let's all Grow with Gaby.


Rochelle Saenz, Mission High School, District 1

Identifying Traits: Optimistic, Passionate, DECA-Cated

As S.M.I.L.E’s creator, Rochelle N. Saenz does more than create a stunning platform and mile-reacher. With more than three years of DECA experience, she is obsessed with innovating new ways of amazing content that will contribute to not only the current Texas DECA family, but as well as the further generations by expanding DECA to the middle school level. By doing so, DECA and everyone involved can endure and thrive into the emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in the four career clusters that DECA specializes in
When Rochelle is not working, you will find her sipping on a cup of coffee, enjoying her free time with her boston terrier, Leonituous, and accomplishing everything she sets her mind to. 
Lastly, don’t forget to S.M.I.L.E ! 


Allie treadwell, christoval high school, district 9

Identifying Traits: Determined, Reliable, Hardworking

Allie Treadwell is a junior at Christoval High School, where she has been involved in DECA for three years. She is the Vice President of her DECA chapter, as well as National Honor Society and Student Council. Allie is very active in her church youth group, UIL, and 4-H, where she recently won the state and national championships for a combination of her cooking and public speaking skills. Outside of school you can find Allie cooking, hanging out with friends, volunteering at her church, or doing chores around the ranch. Last year she had the amazing opportunity to compete at ICDC, where her overall participation in DECA has shown that she’s hardworking, responsible, driven, and ready to join the 2019-2020 State Officer Team.


Sai Vaddi, Lebanon Trail High School, District 7

Identifying Traits: Ambitious, Confident, Empathetic

Sai Vaddi is currently a junior at Lebanon Trail High School and the President of her DECA chapter. Armed with a passion for public speaking and business, Sai is the President of Debate and a member of Business Professionals of America. Her hobbies include dancing, playing volleyball, and volunteering at food pantries and senior centers. She hopes to earn a degree in marketing while minoring in political science and has pursued a corporate internship at Caliber Collision to take a step towards her future. She had the opportunity to compete at ICDC last year where, through networking, she obtained innovative strategies she wishes to implement in Texas DECA. Sai desires to evoke the same passion she has for DECA throughout the state organization.