Social Media Is Good For More Than Just Rants


By: Felice Johnson

Most Americans - students, parents, DECA members, potential DECA members, and people in general - use their social media profiles for personal pictures and rants of some sort. In general, people don’t realize the true effect and power social media has on today’s generation. Literally “everyone” has some form of social media, so why not use that as an outlet to reach out to your chapter?

If your chapter doesn’t already have one, create a chapter Twitter and/or Facebook account to share current news. Tweet about your socials and meetings to gain membership and keep your returning members engaged. You could post something similar to this chapter’s tweet:

“Naaman Forest’s DECA chapter is going to Group Dynamix for a leadership and group bonding experience! If you join, you can join us!”

Share information to social media about DECA and what it truly means. It’s guaranteed that at least one person will become interested in the chapter and what DECA has to offer. Finally, share important meeting information more than that one time. Just because you tweeted last week about next week’s meeting doesn’t mean you can’t share the information again. Social media is an incredibly valuable outlet to promote membership and support from the school. Don’t underestimate the power of your favorite app.