Scholarships: Another Amazing Benefit of DECA

DECA Scholarship Graphic.jpg

BY: Lucious McDaniel

DECA provides its members with #Limitless opportunities, however many of these unique offerings are merely overlooked. A little-known fact is that DECA Inc. and Texas DECA offer over a combined $300,000 worth of scholarships to members every year, yet so many students do not realize how easy it is to apply. To better help you understand the scholarship application process, check out this article and the attached resources.

Like mentioned above, Texas DECA offers individual scholarships available only to its members. To apply for the Texas DECA scholarships, members must visit and then visit the “Advisor Resources” page. There, members will click on the “Texas DECA Scholarship Application” tab and complete the application. This application is just a few pages long and asks a handful of short-answer questions regarding the member's involvement with school, DECA, and their community. If selected for an interview, students will be assigned an interview time at their respective District Career Development Conference, and if they are chosen to advance to the next level, they will have a final interview at Texas DECA’s State Career Development Conference. The deadline to submit your application for the Texas DECA Scholarship is Two (2) weeks before your District CDC.

In addition to the scholarships offered by Texas DECA, DECA Inc. provides a plethora of scholarships to all members. To apply for DECA Inc. scholarships, members will create an account on DECA’s scholarship website which can be found here. Once an account has been made, members will fill out a form which collects general information about involvement in school, DECA, and their community. Once this is completed, members will have access to a portal where they can select scholarships which they would like to apply to. From there, applying can be as easy as checking boxes next to interests and hobbies to writing a short essay over career ambitions. After a member has applied for scholarships, DECA Inc. will contact that student with updates on application status. DECA Inc. has provided a neat flowchart that helps students decide which scholarships would be best for them to apply for. The flowchart can be found here. If you have further questions about DECA Inc. Scholarships visit the Frequently Asked Questions page here.

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of in DECA. Applying for DECA scholarships is a great way to earn money for college continue to pursue your goals and dreams after high school.