How to Register Professional and Alumni Members


Step 1 - Click the “Donate” button on the Texas DECA Website

Please look at the various membership packages Texas DECA offers. After deciding which one you would like to pursue, click the “Donate Today” button.


Step 2 - Fill out the email section

Please enter the email at which you would like to receive receipts and notifications.


Step 3 - Enter your contribution and payment information

Please enter the amount you would like to donate to Texas DECA and register as a professional or alumni member. If you do not want any specific package, feel free to enter a different amount using the “Other Amount” tab.


Step 4 - Additional Information

After filling out the payment section, please answer the questions in the “Additional Information” section.

Please list the chapter that you are supporting here.

When you list a local chapter on your registration, that chapter will get credit for your membership and will count towards their alumni/professional membership goals.

Also, make sure you fill out your address (to receive some goodies), email, polo/jacket size (if you are entering a $50 or more package), and select the option stated if you are a DECA Alumni.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 9.31.45 PM.jpeg

Step 5 - Review and Donate

Take the time to review your information and order and click “Donate” when ready. Texas DECA appreciates your contribution to better our association. Your donation is significant in helping Texas DECA grow and making sure our students are #ReadyForIt!