5 Preparation Tips for District Testing

By: Emily Nguyen

All Texas DECA Districts will host testing in less than two weeks! Members will be able to compete in role play events, run for district office, and network with members. Keep in mind that you need to “pass” this test in order to QUALIFY for potential advancements for State CDC. For example, if you score a 35%, you will not be able to advance to State no matter how well your role play may have been. Below are tips for preparation and testing itself:

1) STUDY!!! You won’t do well if you don’t try. Practice using tests from previous years. Some questions are recycled. Don’t procrastinate!!!

2) Set a reasonable goal! Write out your goal on paper.  Goal setting is important and will motivate you to work hard leading up to testing.

3) Keep track of time. Remember that you are taking a timed test, so bring a watch that doesn’t make beeping noises or doesn’t have an alarm. Smart Watches are not allowed!

4) Stay hydrated and eat well. Sounds obvious, but you need to seriously keep yourself healthy if you want your brain to perform at its best for testing.

5) Get lots of rest! As always, you function best when you are well rested and have sufficient energy. Don’t stay up all night cramming or playing video games.