Increasing Your Professional Membership


By: Daisy Portillo

Professionals in our school, community and state sometimes may not be as tech savvy as those of us in high school. When seeking out to possible professional members, you should tell them ways that they can benefit from becoming a professional member. Having events specifically for your professional members is a great to make them feel special and be more than excited to join the next year!

Many professional members can consist of business owners, meaning they need to know how to market to those who use the most powerful marketing weapon—social media. Hosting “Social Media Training” for these professional members can make them excited that you can teach them something you’re a professional at. Teaching them about ads on social media platforms, custom filters on snapchat, when the perfect time to post on social media and websites such as Hootsuite.

Inviting professional members to your District CDC helps them understand what DECA is about and experience the passion many students have for this organization. Professional members could judge at your District CDC or just help with checking people into their event. If they decide to help in any way, make sure to give them a thank you note or a nice little gift.

If your chapter does partnerships or sponsorships with different businesses in your area you can sign them up as professional members as part of that benefit so that they get DECA Direct articles and find out more about the organization.

REMEMBER: Professional members can be anyone; moms, dads, teachers or any adult that would like to be a part of DECA. It is important that we keep professional membership in mind to reach 15 by the 15th for 15K!