How To Make A Great Bulletin Board


By: Alexis Western

Do you have an empty bulletin board in your school? Well if you do, fill it with the latest DECA news! Using a bulletin board will benefit you chapter by drawing more attention towards DECA. Here is how to make an awesome bulletin board to grab everyone’s attention.

Creating a bulletin board can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget the two main components! First, it needs to be, eye-catching; An eye-catching bulletin board will spark interest in every individual. Bulletin boards are a marketing technique that introduce new concepts in an exciting way. These displays appeal to the visual side of learning, they spark curiosity that will cause students to more likely to pay attention to the information being relayed. To begin creating a great bulletin board, start by getting butcher art paper for your background. I suggest white, blue, black, or red. Then get unique with how you choose to decorate the board, as well as what important information you want to get out to your school.

To make the board “eye-catching”, put photos of your chapter having fun time at conferences or at meetings, a shape made out of bulletin board paper, or have large letters that say the bullet points about DECA such as, traveling, competitions, and or business.

When arranging the photos, make them into shapes: the DECA diamond or spell out DECA. When deciding what information to put on your bulletin board keep it sweet and simple. You could put the date and time your chapter’s next meeting is, the location of our district, state, and international conferences, as well as where and who to talk to if someone is interested in joining DECA.