How To Increase Your Student Membership


By Emily nguyen:

1. Reach out to students in marketing or business classes! Invite these potential members by having your officers speak about the benefits of being a member, or deliver a letter to each of the eligible students with reasons why they’d love to join. The time spent to do these show those students that they are valued. Generally, students enrolled in business or marketing classes will have a greater inclination to join DECA because their curriculum and projects may work well together.

2. Promote on social media! Share on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and any other social media platform the perks of joining DECA. It’s even better to have your officers post on their personal pages, because it may be likely that the people following your chapter’s DECA page are already members. (Bonus Tip! Take advantage of DECA’s Geofilter Library use them at your school.)

3. Did someone say freshmen? At many schools, there are “club nights” or “freshman orientation” where every student organization is encouraged to set up a booth and share information on what they do. It’s important that you make a great, lasting impression by being the loudest, proudest, and most exciting booth. Think about handing out flyers, making a poster, and giving out candy!

4. Share your DECA story. If people hear how great of an impact your DECA experience has had on you, they’ll be compelled to join and be involved. It’s as simple as sharing how you learned about DECA or insight on the competitive events or anything else you find meaningful.

5. Advertise and market yourself! Create flyers, banners, giveaways – really anything – that will increase your chapter’s exposure around school. The more people read, hear, and know about DECA, the more likely they will consider joining. However, it’s good to keep in mind that your promotion materials should brand DECA appropriately and professionally.