How to Get a Higher Test Score

BY: Dhruv Gomber

  1. Take every practice test you can! You can find numerous online just by searching on the web “DECA (Insert Cluster Name) Cluster Practice Exams.” When taking these tests, I would make sure you understand why you got each question wrong. In my opinion, reading through the answers is far more significant than taking the actual test. If you don’t get a certain concept when testing, search for it online and take the time out to read articles or watch a couple videos. Your friends, family, and teachers are also great resources to use!

  2. Learn your vocab! All of the DECA Exams you take will be heavy with vocabulary, and so it is essential that you understand all terms possible. I personally find it very helpful to search for glossaries on the web - I know Quizlet is a very helpful tool! Just a simple “DECA (Insert Cluster Name) Vocabulary” search on the web can land you hundreds of terms! Another thing I would do is to go through a list of all the Performance Indicators in your event and write down every term you are unfamiliar with. When studying your vocabulary, I would make sure you really understand the terms rather than just the definition. Take some time to set up a schedule and memorize roughly 20 terms a week. Review the terms you previously learned and try to employ them in sentences to increase retention. The vocabulary you learn will not only assist you when you take your test but when you do your Roleplays -  judges are very impressed when they hear these terms!

  3. Know your exam! You can find breakdowns of every DECA Cluster Exam here. This is an amazing resource primarily because it tells you what concepts to focus on the most. The instructional areas provided on the chart are broad categories you need to understand before you take your test.

  4. Try to convince your chapter to get Competition University! Competition University is a website that is designed to train DECA members in any competitive event. It has all the DECA resources ready to go, will teach you performance indicators, and go over practice tests with you.

  5. Use the official DECA Images Resources. DECA Images sells competition materials you can purchase online. This includes things such as flashcards, tests, and much more. This is a great way to study, as you know these resources are reliable since they come from DECA themselves.

  6. For any other resources, visit! Texas DECA provides a wide array of materials to help you succeed as a DECA member, whether it be competition, chapter management, or leadership development. Also, please let Texas DECA know if you have any requests for a new resource to be made!