How To Dress Your DECA Best


By Oliver Shi:

A professional appearance is an important aspect to the business world. For this reason, DECA advocates a business professional dress code when competing.

Here are the guidelines for both males and females when appearing before a judge and on stage.


• DECA blazer or similar sports coat/ blazer
• Collared dress shirt
• Neck tie
• Dress slacks
• Dress shoes
• Dress socks


• DECA blazer or business suit
• Dress skirt or dress slacks
• Dress blouse
• Dress shoes

Unacceptable clothing:

• Swimwear
• Athletic wear
• Midriff-baring clothing
• Skin-tight or revealing clothing
• Clothing with inappropriate graphics

It is important to match your colors when dressing up. Here are some suggestions regarding colors.

With the DECA Blazer or other Navy Blazer

• Beige/Khaki slacks with brown belt (if applicable) and brown dress shoes
• Gray slacks with black belt (if applicable) and black dress shoes

With a Black Blazer

• Black slacks, preferably the same shade, with black belt (if applicable) and black dress shoes

Here are some additional tips:

• Make sure your collar looks good
• Don’t wait last minute to tie your tie
• Don’t wear excessive jewelry or accessories
• Go easy on the cologne/perfume
• Remove facial and body piercings
• Keep your hair clean and fresh
• Your belt and shoes should match
• Typically, your arms should be covered up to the wrist
• Keep makeup moderate
• Avoid ankle socks

By following all of these tips and using some common sense, you should be dressed for success!