How DECA Can Impact Your Life


By: Emily Nguyen

DECA is larger than life! I’m not saying that only because DECA is my life, but because they offer so many events to compete in, so many scholarship opportunities to apply to, and so many experiences that become lifelong memories.

I joined DECA for the sake of wanting to learn more about business, and I ended up learning not only that, but also learning more about myself. I found a passion for leading and serving others, and by joining DECA, you can also learn from your fellow chapter members. You can compete alongside your chapter members for the exciting opportunity to advance to the state or even international level! I’ve been to internationals, and let me be the first to tell you that it's 10 times better than what you've heard and seen on social media. It’s incredible.

Obviously, the trips to conferences with friends on school days are great but remember that DECA excites, DECA inspires, and DECA shows its members how to be limitless. Whether or not your career or education path involves business, DECA can still help you along the way because this organization also focuses on building leadership skills and building a community. I’ve been grateful enough to find my best friends through DECA and also work with them on a team in the Community Service Project. Not only do we learn more about business through competitive events and other activities, but it’s a real experience. Joining as a member makes you a part of DECA, but you’ll soon realize that DECA becomes a part of you.