Five Chapter Bonding Ideas


By: Jessica gallardo

Bonding is a great way to grow as a family. Arranging social time doesn’t have to be overly complicated or extravagant. Applying these strategies and ideas to your own chapter will truly pay off. So, what are you waiting for? This year help your chapter become a team!

1) Meet & Greet - There are two parts to this plan. First, your own officers should know most your members, if not, make it a priority to get to know them! This helps with adding that personal touch, and letting your members feel involved. Next, a more elaborate plan would be to get to know your neighbors, DECA neighbors. Bring the whole family and have a pizza party!

2) Breakfast Feast – “The way to someone’s heart is their stomach”. This activity is all about having a delicious potluck! Have everyone bring a dish or drinks of their desire. Remember just mingle and make some new friends!

3) #DECAHalloween – This contest is for those who enjoy competition and love a twisted traditional pumpkin carving. Here’s the plan, have everyone bring their own Pumpkin, meet up at the local park (or the place of your choosing) and carve on! Link to the official carving contest and registration:

4) Sharing is Caring – Getting community service hours with your friends? Yes, please! It’s up to your chapter to find a place, volunteer, receive hours, and at the same time work with each other to reach the same goals. It’s all about putting yourselves out there!

5) Anytime, Anywhere – If you want to take a more relaxed approach to an planning an event: here is the way to go! Meet up at your local coffee shop for lattes, or go for a slice of pizza down the street. The possibilities are endless!

The purposes of chapter socials are to have fun, make new friends, inspire one another, and to attack this year as a team! Be Limitless with your chapter socials this year!