Fall Community Service Activities


by: sarah joshi

The new DECA season is now beginning! As fall begins and Thanksgiving approaches, it's a great time to participate in some community service with your chapter. Here are five Fall Community Service Activities:

1) Thanksgiving Food Drive - Many families aren't able to afford wholesome meals on Thanksgiving. Host a food drive at your school and rally your DECA chapter to help collect various canned goods to help families who need it.

2) Hurricane Help Silent Auction - Hurricanes have devastated our country during the past month. Talk to various clubs within your school and ask people to donate items for a silent auction raffle.

3) Book & Toy Drive - As the holiday season approaches, there are many kids who could use an extra smile. Everyone has old toys and books lying around. Host a book and toy drive at your school by leaving collection boxes around your school and asking people to donate.

4) Blanket Drive - Making blankets is always a good way to bring a little joy to the lives of those who need it. Project Linus is an organization dedicated to helping children in hospitals feel safer and more comfortable. Purchase low-priced fabric from any craft store and challenge your DECA chapter to see who can make the most blankets!

5) Sock Drive - I love socks. Everyone loves socks. Where would we be without them? There are many people who have never felt the joy of fuzzy socks. Ask friends, family, and people at school to donate socks. It can even be a part of your chapter's community service campaign! Let everyone feel the joy of fuzzy socks.