Meet Dhruv!

Dhruv Gomber - VP of Chapter Resources

Dhruv Gomber is currently a junior at Clements High School and is serving as Texas DECA’s first Vice President of Chapter Resources. Throughout his life, Dhruv has been passionate for business, specifically investing, and DECA has enabled him to pursue this passion on numerous levels. Dhruv is an Eagle Scout, the former Texas DECA District III President, and a three-time ICDC qualifier who even placed 2nd at ICDC in the Stock Market Game.

In the future, Dhruv aspires to major in Finance at a top-tier university and earn an MBA, with the final goal of becoming an investment banker. Dhruv is motivated in this pursuit, taking advantage of the limitless opportunities that DECA and other organizations have bestowed upon him.

Dhruv is ecstatic to create resources that will benefit Texas DECA and serve as your Texas DECA State Officer - after all, DECA is his sport!

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