Competition Resources


Why you should compete in a role play event

Do you work well on your feet?
Are you ready to be thrown into a real life situation?
If you want to prepare for future interviews and gain practice at spontaneous thinking, then role plays are for you!


3 reasons you should do a written event

Having trouble deciding which DECA competitive event for you? Read this article to find out if written events might be your perfect fit!


Why You should put in the extra work to earn #decaglass

Around this time of the year, many members are beginning their competition preparation and often ask the question “Why should I put in the work for DECA glass? The answer is simple; incomparable opportunities that follow.


Competition Preparation Tips

The new DECA competitive season will be beginning soon. Use these 5 competition prep tips to ensure you have a #LIMITLESS competitive season!


Preparation Tips for District Testing

Here are five tips to help you prepare and succeed when it comes time to take your District exam.


How to prepare for district cdc

Is this your first year competing? Don't let District CDC intimidate you. Here are 3 tips to help you succeed.


how to get a higher test score

Read how these seven tips can help you earn a high test score on your exam this year!