5 Simple Competition Preparation Tips


By: Sarah Joshi

1) Reach Out - One of the most important things in creating a successful project is networking. Contacting local business owners gives you the advantage of professional feedback and possible tips to ensure your further success!

2) Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Winning projects are usually those that leave an impact on the judge. While preparing your presentation, think of creative or unconventional ways to capture your judge's attention and incorporate them.

3) Have A Good Partner Dynamic - This is something that is critical when working with a group. Choose partners that will work equally as hard, and will motivate you to win some DECA glass! Learn each other's strengths and weaknesses and utilize them during competition.

4) Don't Stop Preparing - There is always room for improvement in your paper, presentation, visual aids, etc. Ask teachers, industry professionals, or any other adult to critique your project and provide you with feedback. Use the feedback people give you to finetune your project and truly make it ICDC worthy.

5) Envision Yourself Winning DECA Glass - One of the best motivators is to imagine yourself, or your team,  on that ICDC podium, grinning from ear to ear because you have just won some sweet DECA Glass! While it is hard, it is not impossible. Envisioning that "moment of glory" will help remind yourself that the work is worth it.