Chapter Social Ideas

Chapter Social big image.PNG

By: Sarah Joshi

School has started for most of us, which also means that a new DECA season is beginning, as well! One of the most effective ways to increase membership is by hosting socials. Events like these encourage new members to get involved and meet others in your chapter. Teamwork events can also help your chapter grow together as a whole. Below are five social ideas to help your DECA chapter kick off this season:

1) Kickball Social - Everyone’s favorite elementary school game has made a comeback! Find a local park or field and gather your DECA chapter for a day of fun. Ask members to bring refreshments such as cookies and lemonade. Form teams and face off within your own chapter or even ask a nearby school’s DECA chapter to join in.

2) Reverse Scavenger Hunt - This twist to a common game is sure to be a hit! Prior to the event, create a list of 20-25 common things that everyone has or can easily access. These can be items like coins, scissors, sticky notes, etc. Split your DECA chapter into random groups based on something like color or birthday month. Give the teams 30 minutes to locate each item on the list. To help increase the incentive to win, provide a prize for the winning team. `

3) Ice Cream Social - Everyone loves ice-cream! Those who don’t are lying. There is a reason this method is used often: it works. Purchase ice cream sandwiches or cones from your local grocery store. This can be done after a DECA meeting or on a separate day. You can also try hosting the social at a local park so your chapter can take advantage of the additional recreational facilities available there.

4) Color Wars - Who doesn’t love to get messy? You can easily purchase pigmented powder at a low cost from trustworthy online distributors. Pick a date and invite your DECA chapter out for a day of colorful fun.

5) Build Your Own Taco - Fact: Tacos taste good. You can easily buy basic taco ingredients from your local grocery store. The possibilities are endless! While chapter members are making their tacos, you can have a movie or music playing in the background. I’m getting hungry just thinking about the amazing tacos your chapter will make.