Chapter Campaigns Explained


By: Kaitlyn Smith

Always perusing growth within your chapter is the key to success. This fundamental of "always perusing growth" creates a strong backbone to keep your chapter growing and reaching new heights. For these reasons are why DECA makes it a priority to recognize and reward these chapters who practice these principles and successfully carry out these goals. DECA rewards these chapters in multiple ways. DECA awards certificates, pennants, plaques, and flags for proving that your chapter has shown outstanding growth and determination. Chapters can also be provided three spots to attend ICDC's Thrive Level Academy.

Sometimes, a few of us might get carried away in the individualistic competition aspect of DECA and forget to view your chapter as a team instead of your competitors. Chapter campaigns allow chapters to work together and each a common goal. It creates a sense of unity and teamwork. All of these campaigns rely on group effort and team coordination. For example, in the community service campaign, at least 75% of your chapter are required to participate in a single community service activity in order to receive this award. In another example, the promotional campaign requires that your chapter coordinate outreach activities to show your passion for DECA and to get your name out to the community, showing all that DECA is good for. This requires members to truly express and demonstrate the impact they have made on the community and how it has impact them.

Altogether, chapter campaigns will bring your chapter closer together, increase the presence of DECA in your community, and provide to be recognized and rewarded for your hard work and achievements. I strongly recommend that you encourage your chapter to participate in chapter campaigns for limitless opportunities for your chapter to grow and develop into a stronger and positive influence.