5 Key Skills to Being a Leader

One of the most defining character traits in DECA members is the trait of leadership. Without leadership, one can not successfully manage a business, become the CEO of a company, let alone be able to approach customers on a daily basis. It all takes learning how to lead and guide people efficiently. Now for the big question: How does one develop the characteristics of a leader? We’re about to give you 5 characteristics of a quality leader!

1. Public Speaking

In order to be an effective leader, your level of communication must be high. Engaging with members in your chapter is a perfect way to start. Once you know the members of your chapter personally, public speaking will suddenly become a lot easier! As they say, “You learn best by doing, not learning to do.” So practice through speaking! Talk to anyone and everyone, and be social! Another way to increase your level of public speaking is through accessibility. Don’t come off as unapproachable, people should want to talk to you, too. Always remember to remain personable and before you know it, your speaking skills will eventually elevate!

2. Learning to Serve

A wise man said “In order to be a leader, you must first learn to serve.” Most people in business don’t want to work for someone else. Why? Because the ultimate goal is to become a CEO. That’s the dream, right? Often, the idea of working for someone else gives off a negative connotation to certain people. However, the truth is, before you become a leader, you must be a follower. The best way to uplift yourself is to uplift others, so empower others and  help other people achieve their goals and the favor will be returned back to you!

3. Persistence

“Persistence beats resistance”. We all have our own personal struggles going on. We also know that value isn’t just handed to you. It takes skill, knowledge, and attitude. Regardless of the challenges that come your way, and regardless of the struggles you go through, push through. Realize that ALL great things take time, and nothing will ever be just handed to you. The true definition of a leader is going beyond the point where everybody else would stop, learn to embody this trait.

4. Focus

You can’t be a leader without prioritizing some things over others. Leaders are always, always, always focused, true leaders are.  Breaks are a necessity thing, and one should NEVER over work themselves. However, remember time is valuable and should always be used wisely. When you’re focused, you may not always go through with the popular decision, but you’ll always “Do what’s best for business”. You’ve got to remember not to focus on your competition, but rather focus on improving yourself.

5. Confidence

Confidence is key to being an excelling leader. How do you expect others to believe you when you don’t even believe in yourself? Confidence allows you to guide others, have others listen to your voice, and gain respect. Not all of us are as confident as others, but remember- there is only one you, and you are unique. No one else is like you, so you might as well show people what you’re made of! Be yourself, and be confident walking in your own shoes. This will get you far!

All of these traits go hand in hand. Master these skills are you will be on your way to leading your chapter to greatness!