3 Reasons Why You Should Do A Written Event


BY: Anya Kacker

With over fifty competitive events, choosing just one to participate in can be one of the most difficult choices to face in DECA. However, a choice that’s much less overwhelming to make but narrows down your choices greatly is whether you want to compete in a written or roleplay event. A written event involves writing a paper, submitted before competition, and presenting it to a judge. A roleplay event involves taking a test beforehand and then presenting a response to a scenario you are given at competition. Not sure about which one of these two event categories is best for you? Read on to find out three major reasons that written events might be the perfect fit for you!

You should do a written event if. . .

1) You present the best when you’ve had time to rehearse.

One of the biggest downsides to roleplay events is their on-the-spot nature: you have less than an hour to both brainstorm and deliver a top-notch presentation. On the other hand, if your presentations are best when you’re able to practice them beforehand, a written event allows you to do just that. You’ll be able to spend the several months before competition perfecting your presentation so you know it’s the best it can be when you finally deliver it to a judge.

2) You’re a stellar writer.

Your competitive event should show off your best skills. If you have a special way with words, a written event is for you! Your awesome writer’s voice will help you to craft a paper that is both informative yet engaging - a winning combination.

3) You have a unique idea you know you can sell to the judges.

Whether it be a creative way to transform a business whose stock has been underperforming or an idea for the next big tech gadget, a written event is a great way to to display a unique, game-changing idea. Use your paper as a tool to pitch your out of this world idea to your judge.

Did any of those reasons sound just like you? If so, check out the DECA website’s competitive events page to find out more about what written events are available!