Three Common Wrong Handshakes

By: Sahithi talasila

Serving as an officer for District 7 provides many opportunities which include attending the leadership summit in New Braunfels, Texas. One of the most useful and widely unknown topics covered at the training was how to properly give a handshake.

First impressions are lasting impressions. The manner in which you extend your hand, the firmness of your grip and even the timing of your handshake influence how someone feels about you throughout a professional relationship. For this reason, mastering a perfect handshake is an invaluable lesson.

Here are a few common types of wrong handshakes:

1. The Barbie

The Barbie handshake is one in which you shake with only your fingers. A proper handshake should include your whole hand. The Barbie handshake can give others the impression that you are uninterested or even worse, arrogant.


2. The Arnold (Schwarzenegger)

The Arnold handshake is one in which you squeeze the life out of others. The Arnold handshake is perceived as a sign of aggressive dominance. Your grip should not be stronger than would be your grip when you turn a doorknob.


3. The Oprah

The Oprah handshake is one in which both people shake hands and then you place your second hand on top of the handshake. This type of handshake can add a whole other layer of uncomfortability. Therefore, a proper handshake should only involve two hands and last a couple of seconds.