Owning the Build-A-Bear Campaign

Date: January 27th, 2017
Categorized Under: General Information

This week has marked the end of all district CDCs in Texas. It is no secret that our competitors are excitedly anticipating the arrival of our largest state conference yet of over 4,000 members. Even more exciting is the fact that during the weekend of February 23rd, something magical will be happening in San Antonio. Our members will be officially donating the bears they have worked throughout the year to collect to be donated to a very worthy cause.

The following information will ensure that your chapter’s questions are answered so you can own this year’s state community service project:

Where do I bring my bear?

Bring your chapter’s collected bears to the opening session of state CDC! You will have the opportunity to send members to the stage to give them to our state and district officers who will be compiling them. Remember that your bear must be in some sort of bag or box to ensure their sanitation for where they are going. The bears do not have to be Build-A-Bear brand specifically!

Where are they going?

The bears will be donated to the local San Antonio Children’s Hospital, Fire Department, and Police Department. These bears will serve as a beacon of light for children who have been in traumatic experiences and feel all hope is lost. As many of us know, the distress of life can often be subdued by the love and protection in which teddy-bears stand for.

How can I get my bear’s design recognized?

This year, Texas DECA has kept the fun and light hearted spirit in this project by allowing chapters to submit their most creative bears into a statewide contest. The design competition will last until the deadline of February 10th, so hurry and submit your bear by clicking the following link for a chance to have your chapter and bear recognized on stage at state CDC!  https://txdeca.wufoo.com/forms/r12zb8sw0kylpm3/

Our goal for the year is to collect at least 500 bears to be donated to our host city. While completing this amazing project, remember to have fun and use it to create bonds and friendships within your chapter. Encourage each competition team to bring at least one bear, hold chapter outings and socials at your local build a bear, or even get other organizations in your school involved and encourage them to donate bears of their own!