How To Own Your First Chapter Meeting!

Date: September 27th, 2016
Categorized Under: General Information

You’ve plastered your school’s walls with posters about DECA, spread the word about the date for the first meeting, but how do you have a first meeting that gives people the information they need and gets them pumped for this DECA season?

It’s all about how members feel when they attend your chapter meeting. Here are five tips to make a positive atmosphere that makes students more excited for DECA meetings.

  1. Be prepared. If you do not look prepared while you are presenting it’s not going to leave such a great impression on your audience. Before the day of the meeting make sure the presentation you will be using looks great and has relevant information. Then, be sure that all the people presenting know what they are talking about and who is covering what subject.
  2. Greet people as they walk in. By the end of the school day I’m sure it isn’t uncommon to see a bunch of drained faces eager to go home. One way to revitalize their moods is by having an excited team of greeters welcoming people as they come in to the meeting. The greeters can give out high fives, candies, or anything else that boosts people’s spirits. You make the atmosphere even more inviting by playing music as people are walking. Playing upbeat music that people can relate to is a great way to ensure that everyone will be pumped for the meeting. Just remember to keep it school appropriate.
  3. Try Prezi. Prezi is a fresh new alternative to using that standard old powerpoint for your presentations. It features captivating graphics and stunning transitions to make your more immersive and memorable. Prezi is completely free and 100% cloud based, which makes it very easy to share and edit presentations with other people.
  4. Be short and sweet. Students have many other time commitments and obligations, they do not want to feel that their time is being wasted at a disorganized and boring meeting. So on top making your meeting more exciting, make sure to get the meeting started as soon as everyone is seated. Be concise with each topic on the presentation, only going over information that is relevant to members. You never want to waste your members’ time. If your meeting drags on too long, people will not give you the attention you want.
  5. Have a take away. In order to make sure the key information you presented at the meeting is remembered after the meeting is over. Create a simple handout that highlights the main points and important dates your presentation went over so members have a reference if they forget some information.

By following these five tips you are on your way to owning your first DECA meeting, and many more throughout the year!