Texas DECA ICDC Travel Tips

Date: April 18th, 2016
Categorized Under: Conferences, General Information, Upcoming Events

Whether you’re bussing from Beaumont or flying from Falfurrias here are some of Texas DECA’s top tips for Traveling to #ICDC2016.


Money Money Money!

Always budget some extra money, as you never know when an unexpected cost might pop up. Its also a good policy to make sure and carry some cash, while we are living in the world of plastic you never know when you might have to give a tip or have only the option to pay cash.


Use a Checklist!

When packing make sure and use a checklist, whether you make this checklist or use a pre-made online one like http://bit.ly/1S87VsX. This guarantees that you will not forget anything and not be that person wearing highlighter yellow shoes with their blazer or that person who needs a forklift to get their bag on the plane. Remember that all major airlines will charge you for bags over 50lb, this charge can exceed $100 in most cases.


Keep Calm Carry On!

Whether you are traveling by bus or plane, make sure and carry an extra outfit with you. While statistically speaking airlines are at all time low for losing your bags you want to be safe rather than sorry. Many airlines allow “two personal items” in the cabin, so one could be a purse/computer bag and the second, a  garment bag with one or more outfits. If traveling by bus, be certain your bag makes it on the bus, lots of things happen while loading a bus and your bag could end up left in a parking lot.


Take Care of Yourself

Attitude is everything, so try to keep a positive outlook on everything that you do! Traveling to new places is exciting and should be looked forward to, versus seen as a chore. Also make sure to keep yourself hydrated, especially when flying as the air drys your body out, and can cause you to become dehydrated.


In following these simple tips you can guarantee to #BeEpic when traveling to #ICDC2016. Remember to use the #TXDECAICDC when traveling to Nashville!