District 4′s Keys to Competitive Success

Date: February 17th, 2016
Categorized Under: Chapter Spotlight, General Information

Districts III and IV attended a leadership training camp at the University Of Houston Bauer School Of Business on October 23rd. The workshops hosted by TRI Leadership helped DECA members develop and improve their leadership skills as well as learn about how to become better competitive members. Tri Leadership managed two competitive classes, written and role-play/case studies, which discussed tips on how to write an event paper and tips on how to present a well-thought-out role-play event. Some tips given at the leadership camp were:


  1. Be comfortable with yourself and your voice
  2. Know your product/service
  3. Review and cover all the guidelines


  1. Be detailed in the case
  2. Prepare your notes
  3. Look at your indicators

These are some of the tips TRI Leadership walked the DECA members through. Other leadership tips consisted of ice breakers, like how to introduce large groups of people to each other using charades and “high-five buddies”. Remember to be confident and make a good first impression on the judges by introducing yourself with “Hello my name is___ and I am excited to be here!” and shaking their hand.