3 Ways To Make Moving For Military Kids EPIC

Date: February 4th, 2016
Categorized Under: Community Service, General Information

With Texas DECA’s Community Service Project, Moving For Military Kids,  Texas DECA is proud to support military families in and around the San Antonio area. Here are three ways to make this campaign #Epic for your chapter.

Look Around Your School

Chances are that somewhere around your school there are boxes sitting around ready to be thrown into the recycling bin. Take advantage of these free boxes, especially old paper boxes as they have a removable lid and are the perfect size.

Delegate Items for Members to Bring

With the wide range of themes available, have a set list for which members are going to bring what. This guarantees that you have covered the requirement for each box, while saving the hassle of doubling objects.


Work to Get Outside Donations

If at all possible, gain outside interest by spreading the word with the promotional poster, at your school and local businesses. One of our chapter members has worked to get their parents company to help donate items and boxes.

In following these simple tips, you can guarantee to make some #EPIC boxes for Texas DECA’s State Career Development Conference and directly benefit the lives of San Antonio area Military Families!