5 Tips for EPIC Chapter Meetings!

Date: November 2nd, 2015
Categorized Under: Chapter Spotlight

Chapter meetings are an absolutely essential part of the DECA experience, and can be a great way to connect members with the wealth of leadership building and professional development opportunities available to DECA members. However, with the large number of meetings that students have to attend, we encourage your chapter to BE EPIC and really stand out by running interactive and beneficial meetings. Keep everyone engaged with the following five tips!

1. Try having an icebreaker at every meeting to encourage relationship building within the chapter!

2. A visual presentation always helps.

  • Using a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation can help to clarify information and provide visual support to an idea or initiative
  • Make sure whenever creating presentation to check if fonts and colors are clear and easy to read when projected
  • Short bullet points and large pictures can create the most impact

3. Start off the meeting with a video from DECA Inc. or Texas DECA to keep your members updated about happenings and campaigns!

  • Throughout the year both DECA Inc. and Texas DECA have different campaigns regarding community service and membership
  • Keep your chapter in-the-know by playing one of our short videos to explain different statewide and national initiatives.

4. Incorporate fun activities that teach marketing skills and vocabulary.

  • Games like Jeopardy can be a fun way to teach important information for competition
  • Incorporate small prizes to invoke that competitive spirit

5. Giveaways are great!

  • At key DECA meetings consider preparing hand-outs before hand to consolidate or summarize information that will be presented at the meeting
  • Consider preparing a small snack or give-away at each meeting or even every other meeting to encourage people to attend